Dr Tasos AV,  MD,PhD,Holistic Physician, welcomes you at his Integrated Medicine -Homeopathic Medical Practice. Dr Tasos AV is Member of The Faculty of Homoeopathy(MFHom) , of the  Homeopathic Medical Association(HMA) and is also registered with the General Medical Council(GMC),UK  as Consultant Medical Specialist.

Dr Tasos V is a highly experienced Fertility Homeopathic Medical Doctor.Ηe has clinical homeopathic work with international recognition and reputation.He has practised Integrated-Homeopathic Medicine   more than 30(thirty) years and he has a specific interest  and clinical experience in the integrated-homeopathic treatment of all Women and Men’s Health conditions and of  Fertility disorders

In his Fertility diagnostic and therapeutic procedures,he  includes and employs the study of Meridians and of the Acupuncture Chart of  Traditional Chinese Medicine.This unique Fertility Holistic approach allows a better understanding of the requirements of each one case and a more well planned and targeted Integrated and Homeopathic therapy.He also includes Herbal Medicine in Fertility treatment, when this is required by an individual case.


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