Video Consultation
Some people prefer the convenience and accessibility of a Skype appointment. Live online video appointments are a convenient alternative to in-person homeopathy.It is possible to have your homeopathic consultation through remote online video(Skype) consultation,even if you stay in another city , another country or  simply without the inconvenience of travel. My experience with Skype sessions has been positive in that the distance does not seem to detract from the process. In fact the remote aspect can be an advantage.

Please,ask me for any details about Videocall /Online Video Consultations  or online connection for simple queries on your health matters and/or the consultations. 

Care is taken for international patients,so that  timezones are synchronized.To have an online video consultation, ensure your Skype is working smoothly - well before the session.For online consultations  you have to prepay before booking.You can email me for my bank details for a direct transfer.

When the time comes make sure you are ready online, will not be disturbed and are comfortable. It is a good idea to have a glass of water and pen and paper to hand. Maybe tissues too, depending on emotions within.Please have your phone and email live as backups in case the video fails.I will initiate the connection.

After a remote consultation normally I will order your remedy from a homeopathic pharmacy who then email you a secure payment link. Once you have completed your end they post the remedy to you. Alternatively I can tell you which remedy to get and you can source it yourself.

My Skypename is tasos.vartho and you may add it at your Skype connections,so that I may accept it and our Skype connection may be established.