Homeopathic Consultation
Homeopathic Consultation

The first homeopathic consultation involves a detailed homeopathic interview, which includes your present and past medical history, physical and mental health,previous investigations and registration of any current or previous treatments. Though it depends on the individual case, follow up consultations  are usually held once monthly to once bimonthly. During  follow up appointments, it is assessed how you are getting on with the homeopathic remedies prescribed, the progress you have made according to homeopathic principles and any indicated extension of the homeopathic case taking is added and included. Further homeopathic medication is prescribed for you based on this evaluation.The whole process is about reviewing , re-formulating and proceeding the planned homeopathic treatment.

All medical fertility tests are studied thoroughly,so that any appropriate diagnostic information may be used for a better integrated medical treatment.If some additional testing or further diagnostic investigations are appropriate,you are directed according to my long medical and homeopathic experience

If you  have already planned that you will soon be trying to conceive and wish to do all you can to prepare for a healthy pregnancy  , either naturally or through IVF, the integrated homeopathic treatment is scheduled along your plans.My experience has demonstrated that there is much that women of any age can do to preserve and optimise their fertility.

Many patients visit my clinic for support with trying to conceive naturally, assisted conception: IVF,IUI,etc as well as with related medical conditions such as recurrent miscarriage. 
Since male factor accounts for more than a third of infertility cases in couples ,it is advised that  both partners should  see me prior to starting treatment such as IVF or ISCI. Some men may already have been diagnosed with a low sperm count, poor morphology (structure of the sperm), or low motility (movement of the sperm).In this case,treatment is administered to both partners according to their individual problems.
Providing diet and lifestyle have also been shown to play important roles in fertility and there is evidence that specific nutrients support fertility,any indicated guidance and advice is given to both partners.
Prior to starting an IVF cycle Ι recommend booking in for an IVF Support Planning session. This will enable me  to give you the best advice on how to support your IVF cycle. It is important to see you prior to your IVF treatment commencing, but even if you come during the IVF cycle ,my treatment can also support you. I also support IUI, ICSI, egg donation and all other relevant treatments.Each patient is an individual and dinstinct case and support for each IVF cycle will be tailored to suit.

I recommend that you start Integrated-Homeopathic treatment 1 – 2 months prior to the commencement of the IVF cycle. Once IVF has commenced the treatment plan will be based upon your individual needs, generally appointments are held weekly. As the embryo transfer gets closer, the follow up will be more close according to individual requirements. Special prescription is administerd for  the day of transfer  and ,when indicated, I plan two prescriptions as close to the transfer time as possible, one prescription before and one after.