Principles of Homeopathy
Homeopathic medicines help us to overcome health conditions and disorders by stimulating the body's natural healing abilities.The aim of the Homeopathic approach   is to remove the cause of the health conditions and disorders at their source.

The first major feature of Homeopathic medicine is the Indivualization of the Patient and Disease.This means that different people may have different pathogenic reasons,symptoms and syndromes even though the disease name is the same, so homeopathic practice plan and design  are different.For example, the “headache” can be caused by external factors, such as wind, cold, damp, dryness and/or internal factors, such as metabolic deficiencies, blood stasis, liver disorders, emotional /mental /psychosomatic imbalances,etc. So different practice plans  will be used according to the different causative factors.Homeopathic medicine considers essentially all the relevant to patient personal/social/environmental data, such as age, gender, work, living environment, emotional feelings, mood, stress, climate, habits, favored foods, etc.

The other major principle is the Totality of the Patient and Disease.This means that in all Diseases the whole organism suffers,even if organ pathology is conventionally recognized in a certain organ or part of the body.So,Homeopathic medicine  should be applied for both the diseased organ or part of the body and for the totality of all current sufferings all over the body.The total sum of the present symptoms,functional dsturbances and pathologic lesions of the organism expresses the current model of the health defence mechanisms of the body,which is the most critical factor for the outcome of the pathology of the certain organ or part of the body. So,modern Homeopathy should care equally for both the Patient and the Disease.

In all forms of Holistic and Natural Medicine ,and especially with Homeopathy, health disorders and diseases are seen as a way for the body and the mind to show an inner disturbance and, mainly, as the way to restore functional economy and integrity ,to restore health through self-cure procedures.The wisdom of the body will ensure that symptoms affect the least critical area, and that emotions can be re-balanced through the body’s physical processes. For this reason, the deeper or more important the affected organs, the more serious the issue.

When  Homeopathy is applied in a case with a certain disease or health condition, the body does not respond  in a haphazard, accidental way, but according to a deep biological intelligence. A true healing process will mirror the body’s own healing strategies. So,it is important to understand and help the way our mind and body heal themselves.