for my Homeopathic Services

My Homeopathic treatment is administered as a Complementary Medicine service , not claiming that it may replace or substitute  any treatment provided or advised by your conventional GP or medical specialists, with the aim of being part of an integrative approach to your healthcare when conventional treatment is provided or advised.
Though my treatment policy is to direct my patients to the GP or the competent medical specialist whenever I detect  any indication for conventional investigation and/or treatment, my Homeopathic services do not include any obligation from my part to give opinion,advise or make recommendations for any conventional intervention objectively required or even possibly indicated
Though all patients are updated ,where applicable,on the possible expected results of  my homeopathic treatment, according to my clinical experience in similar cases to their own and according to the relevant Homeopathic and Medical literature, no promise or prediction, of any kind, for cure or even for amelioration of any health problems and/or diseases is given,directly or indirectly, for any case homeopathically treated by me.
Acute health conditions ,acute diseases and emergencies are not covered by and are not included in my Homeopathic services.In these conditions you have to rely absolutely on your GP and/or your Specialist Medical Doctor.Homeopathic treatment should also be stopped during hospitalization for any reason and after hospitalization till full rehabilitation has been established.
Homeopathic treatment is administered only on the basis that the patient ubderstands that homeopathic remedies are deprived of any possible side effects, after he/she has been accordingly informed and updated.
I recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP and/or Medical Specialist . Even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your conventional doctor may reduce the likelihood of more severe problems .
for the content of this website

 Information provided in this website must be considered as an educational material and service only.
Any information included in this website  or sent through e-mail, telephone or skype, etc by me to a patient upon his/her enquiry should not be relied upon as a  medical consultation, promise, advice,prescription or recommendation, etc about his/her health.
Nothing on this website,including all its pages and sections, is a recommendation as to how to medically treat or cure any particular disease or health-related condition.
There is no intention, implied or otherwise, that represents or infers that any service or remedy,product,etc presented  on this  website should or might be used for cure, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
Any references, studies or suggestions on this website covering homeopathy or other forms of holistic treatment do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of products,remedies,advice,etc referred to.