Fertility Homeopathic Medical Doctor
I am Medical Doctor, holder of the Diploma  (DIHom) and the Postgraduate Diploma (HMD) in Homeopathic Medicine of the British Institute of Homoeopathy in the UK(FBIH),Member (MFHom) of The Faculty of Homoeopathy and  Member (MHMA) of the Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA),UK. I have chartered membership with the European Committeee of Homeopathy and the International LIGA of Homeopathic Medicine through my Faculty of Homeopathy Membership.

I am  registered   with the General Medical Council (Reg no: 7009546) as Consultant Specialist  with licence to practise.I have been revalidated as Medical Doctor for the period 2014-2019 and I have regular and positive annual appraisals according to GMC regulations and the Good Medical Practice. I have long clinical and academic (research and teaching) experience in Medical Faculties and Medical Research Units.I have a large published work at peer reviewed medical journals.

I practise  Homeopathic and Holistic Medicine   more than 30 (thirty) years.I have been subspecialized in Infertility and in Women and Men’s  Health Conditions, Disorders and Problems and I have gained great experience after long and active involvement in the their homeopathic treatment.

My treatment approach is holistic, my aim is to tackle any underlying causes of difficult conception and of maintaining pregnancy.  I use an integrated approach in   Fertility Support , bridging the gap between conventional medicine and the world of well evidenced complementary therapies, to give you the best possible treatment outcome and I have  helped many patients to achieve their  strong wish of having a family.Many individuals and couples come to me for my unique approach to supporting all aspects of female and male fertility, while other patients are seeking  help from difficult symptoms during pregnancy or post-partum.

I have  also   completed the full course  training in Herbal Medicine/ Phytotherapy (Specially Structured Diploma Course) at the School  of Phytotherapy, UK and in Holistic Nutrition at the British Institute of Homeopathy,so that I may efficiently employ the best of Herbal Medicine and Nutrition knowledge  in my Homeopathic practice .

I had been invited to participate ,among certain British celebrities (Peter Ustinov, Jehudi Menuhin,etc), in a Letter of Appeal for the establishment of a Natural Medicine Hospital in UK.I have been also awarded the “Irene Bahá” Prize  of Homeopathic Medicine and I am author of two books on Complementary and Alternative Medicine ,focusing  on Integrated Medicine, Homeopathy,  Holistic and Natural Medicine