The Homeopathic Consultation


Just after the booking of the Appointment and before the Consultation for your Fertility problems and conditions,you are provided via email with a printed Questionnaire,which must be completed. It asks for:

  • Basic contact details, including address, phone and mobile numbers, email address
  • A brief description of your current health problems
  • A brief reference to your past medical history

Try to complete the questionnaire well in advance of your Consultation and send me via email before the Consultation or bring it to me at your Consultation appointment. All information you provide is, of course, treated as strictly confidential

The consultations take place in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment. The first time you come along for a consultation, I spend at least an hour talking through the specific symptoms,health conditions and/or disease(s) you have, obtaining all necessary details of your case history, including any relevant lab tests,medical records,etc that you might already have. During this time you will have a unique opportunity to talk in detail with me about these ailments.Any questions I ask will help me to get a good understanding of your physical and/or emotional problems.

Once Homeopathic treatment has started, follow-up appointments take place once every 4-8 weeks( usually every 6 weeks). During follow up appointments, it is assessed how you are getting on with the homeopathic remedies prescribed, the progress you have made according to homeopathic principles and any indicated extension of the homeopathic case taking is added and included. Further homeopathic medication is prescribed for you based on this evaluation.The whole process is about reviewing , re-formulating and proceeding the planned homeopathic treatment

The expected follow up period may be estimated,in most cases,at the first follow up appointment and is commonly 4-6 months for mild to moderate health disorders.In serious and advanced chronic diseases the indicated follow up period is certainly longer and may be estimated only on strictly individual basis.
In any instance,It is recommended to continue until you are feeling essentially better and your health condition or disease has objectively improved to a satisfactory state.