Holistic conception and attitude


You may enjoy optimum health and well-being, using  Homeopathy ,a gentle, natural, non-toxic, non-addictive, yet effective form of medicine.I follow a wide variety of health conditions in my practice but my specialty is women and men’s health  and infertility,female and male.As an Holistic  Medical Specialist  I am in depth and in detail familiar with  the human body and mind and  my long clinical training and experience  is the solid  background for my both holistic and scientific  approach to health conditions  mainly through homeopathic medicine.I work internationally via Skype and see patients in my clinics in Central London

I target at the causal mechanisms of diseases and health conditions, which are our normal physiological mechanisms operating in a deranged way. Thus the most effective approach  usually is to normalise the physiology behind the problem. It is important to realise that the manifestations of most illnesses are expressions of internal,physical and emotional, imbalance.

My practices and methodology reflect the modern scientific face of Homeopathy.I have  essentially developed new perspectives in It through an holistic and systemic perception of the medical data  so that they me be appropriately assimilated in homeopathic therapeutic processes and applications.My subspecialization in Women’s and Men’s Health Disorders,Diseases and Conditions and in Infertility are particularly important for a well-planned  implementation of Homeopathic and Holistic Medicine.The most basic principles of Homeopathy,totality and individualization,are applied to the most critical parameters for the health and fertility of the patient.

An important aspect of my practice   is the evaluation of the physical symptoms,with their specific qualities and modalities, as direct reflection of the sufferings of the Mind and of the Emotions,whose language is exactly expressed with these symptoms.With this easy and clear understanding of the Soul,there is not any need for long and tormenting discussions to understand the constitution and the psychology of the patient.Best  results depend on the  understanding  of the disease process ,  quite different from the conventional  medical approach,since it requires an in depth conception  of what is really going on in each case regarding the  meaning of the complaints for the whole economy, how it came to be, their general makeup, circumstances ,etc.

My main aims are:

-to provide a  positive relationship with patients ,within which we can work together towards meeting their health needs

-to enhance  and support the innate healing ability of my patients

-to identify and target  the underlying causes of health conditions and diseases  besides alleviating  symptoms and sufferings

-to inform the patients about their health problems,so that they understand the mechanisms underlying

The patient is always approached as an individual with a specific case history