Patient Information

Before the appointment you have to confirm online that you have read this “Patient Information” and of the “Disclaimer” on my Homeopathic services and that you agree with their content.

If for any reason you need to cancel, please inform us immediately so that your appointment can be offered to someone on the waiting list and we might reschedule  your appointment without charging you with any cancellation fees.

Though it depends on the individual case,follow up consultation once every 6-8 weeks  is usually advised.During  follow up appointments, it is assessed how you are getting on with the homeopathic remedies prescribed, the progress you have made according to homeopathic principles and any indicated extension of the homeopathic case taking is added and included. Further homeopathic medication is prescribed for you based on this evaluation.The whole process is about reviewing , re-formulating and proceeding the planned homeopathic treatment.

 The cost of the remedies is totally separate and dinstinct from consultation fees and its full payment is made directly by the patient to the pharmacy that prepares the homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic remedies’ prescription is issued the next day  after your consultation ,providing a thorough  study and homeopathic analysis of the case history is required beforehand.Then it is sent via email,according to your preference, to you to place  the order at a homeopathic pharmacy of your choice,or  both to you   and to an homeopathic pharmacy of my choice.In the second option you have to contact the pharmacy to place the order . You may take the remedies visiting the pharmacy or the items may be posted to you by  the pharmacy upon your request ,always  according to their own relevant procedures concerning ordering,payment,preparation and dispatch.

Consultation fees are paid directly to me at the time of your appointment at London office only in cash.Alternatively,if you wish to pay  through bank account transfer , you have to  pay  before the appointment  at least 50% of the consultation fees and the rest the next day after the consultation,before I will send the prescription to you and to the pharmacy .There are not any card facilities.

Payment for online consultation is made always through bank account transfer as above

After you  settle fees,you will be  provided a receipt so that you might  reclaim the fee from your insurance company,if this company covers  Homeopathy services.Please check your private health insurance policy to ensure you have cover before you make an appointment. I will be happy to provide you with receipt, so that you might claim any possible reimbursement directly from your insurance provider.