How I approach your health conditions and disorders with my Homeopathic ,Integrative and Natural Medicine skills as both Homeopathic Physician and Medical Specialist Doctor:

I target through homeopathic  analysis at the causal mechanisms of diseases and health conditions, which are our normal physiological mechanisms operating in a deranged way. Thus the most effective approach of Homoeopathy to your disease is to normalise the physiology behind the problem. Another  part of my homeopathic work is about dealing directly with the final results of your illness (e.g. pain) or attacking ,if needed,external pathogens (e.g.toxins, bacteria,viruses,etc).It is important to realise that,according to Homeopathy, the manifestations of most illnesses are expressions of internal, physical and emotional, imbalance.


My practices and methodology ,as Homeopathic Physician, reflect the modern scientific face of Homeopathy.I have  essentially developed new perspectives in It through an holistic, integrative, natural and systemic perception of the data of pathology of your disease, so that they me be appropriately assimilated for homeopathic therapeutic applications in your case.My specialization in Pathology and my further CPD/CME training  in  many subspecialties of Pathology, are particularly important for a well-planned therapeutic strategy and effective implementation of Homeopathy even in most complex clinical cases of your  health condition.


A precise and proper  appreciation of your pathology and your psychosomatic(mental,emotional) condition is of vital importance in selecting the appropriate homeopathic remedies,the timing of their administration and their combinations to maximize therapeutic effects.I have developed essentially the formation of homeopathic combinations which reflect the functional relationship between organs,tissues and cells according to your individual characteristics and the pathology you suffer.This way, the most basic principles of Homeopathy,totality and individualization,are applied to the most critical parameters for your  health .

According to my medical and homeopathic conception,pathologic ,mental and emotional data are certainly the most valuable “Symptoms and Signs” in  homeopathic case taking and analysis of your health disorders.Your specific and/or individual characteristics detected during the study of your pathology reports and laboratory examinations,will guide me to far better understanding of both your Disease and your psychosomatic constitution,of the predispositions and the deeper background of your case .


My main aims,as Homeopathic Medical Doctor and Natural and Integrative medicine Physician,  are:

to provide a caring, supportive, positive and focused relationship with patients ,within which we can work together towards meeting their health goals and expectations

to use safe, natural methods of treatment and to stimulate and support the innate healing ability of my patients

to identify and treat the underlying causes of health conditions and diseases in addition to alleviating their symptoms and sufferings

to inform the patients about their health problems,so that they understand the mechanisms underlying and also to have an approach to relevant literature,when they wish or when this is indicated.