For many,if not for most  couples, there is not found,through conventional means, any obvious reason why they cannot conceive. My main target is  to help your body ,especially the functions related more directly with the organs involved in fertility,  to come back in balance and ,so, enhance your chances of becoming and staying pregnant.My Homeopathic treatment is often successful since it applies to both “the patient and the disease”,to both you as an individual person and your organs and functions involved in the process of fertilization ,implantation of the embryo  and maintenance of a healthy pregnancy to full term.


What distinguishes the background of my  Homeopathic Fertility Protocol (HFP) is that:

• I have many years of experience,as medically qualified Homeopath, treating patients from all over the world


• I am Medical Doctor with long NHS service as Consultant Specialist ,subspecialized in the field of Gynaecological physiology and pathology.So,my Homeopathic practice and my HFP are based on both Homeopathy and relevant Specialized Medical knowledge and I may also speak the same language with convential medical colleagues

• A high percentage of my patients have essentially benefited from my homeopathic treatment

• in many infertility cases the chances of pregnancy increased significantly

• my HFP may affect most of numerous factors besides ovulation which need to be corrected in most infertility cases,when often conventional doctors fail to ascertain the precise cause of conception failures even after ovulation is initiated.

• My HFP can be used in conjunction with the usual conventional therapies to improve the chances or conception. It may best be applied before IVF or any other Assisted reproductive treatment (ART) to increase essentially the chances for a successful outcome

• My HFP is a tailored programme of homeopathic remedies aimed at rebalancing hormones, regulating cycles and ovulation and optimizing reproductive function. You are also given recommendations on diet, lifestyle, recognising signs of female fertility, timing intercourse and so on

• My Homeopathic practice anf my HFP have been constructed assimilating any suitable material from modern evidence-based medicine.Modern medical literature includes a lot of published Homeopathic clinical applications in peer-reviewed medical journals

• Homeopathy has not any side effects or interaction with conventional drugs,it is absolutely natural,gentle and safe and the homeopathic remedies are administered sublingually as pills or tablets