Your First Appointment

Patient Information


The first homeopathic consultation involves a detailed homeopathic interview, which includes your present and past medical history, physical and mental health,previous investigations and registration of any current or previous treatments. Though it depends on the individual case, follow up consultations  are usually held once monthly to once bimonthly. During  follow up appointments, it is assessed how you are getting on with the homeopathic remedies prescribed, the progress you have made according to homeopathic principles and any indicated extension of the homeopathic case taking is added and included. Further homeopathic medication is prescribed for you based on this evaluation.The whole process is about reviewing , re-formulating and proceeding the planned homeopathic treatment.

If for any reason you need to cancel, please inform  me immediately so that your appointment can be offered to someone on the waiting list and you are not charged with cancellation fees,which is equal to my consultation fees if cancellation is made in less than 48 hours before the consultation appointment.

Acute health conditions ,acute diseases and emergencies are not covered by and are not included in my Homeopathic services.In these conditions you have to rely absolutely on your GP and/or your Specialist Medical Doctor.I recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP and/or Medical Specialist . Even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your conventional doctor may reduce the likelihood of more severe problems .